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Protect your Home and Family with a Maintenance Free Solar Star Attic Fan

This Chesterfield County home has a Solar Star Attic fan and a SolaTube Daylighting System
This Chesterfield County home has a Solar Star Attic fan and a SolaTube Daylighting System

Why Ventilate Your Attic?

Silent, invisible heat and moisture buildup in your attic occurs year round, both from the activities of daily living- showering, dishwashing, and humidifying, and the environment (sun, rain & snow). Over time, this can cause extensive, costly damage to your precious home.


ice-dam-roof-graphic-a4whoIn the Winter, moisture buildup from showers and other daily activity rises on your home’s air currents. Excess moisture escaping under your eaves freezes, causing ice dams. This ice accumulation traps liquid water that freezes and thaws as temperatures change,  damaging shingles and roofing material, and allowing even more moisture to enter your  home. Framing materials and insulation are also vulnerable to the shrink-swell of this freezing and thawing moisture. Dangerous, unhealthy fungi and mold thrive on these damp conditions, further weakening your home’s structure and adversely affecting indoor air quality.



In the Summer sun,  attic temperatures in Virginia can quickly exceed 140 degrees during the day. This excess heat causes your HVAC system to work overtime- shortening the life of your home’s mechanical systems and raising energy bills. This heat buildup is also damaging to your framing and roofing materials, causing your shingles and roof sheathing to deteriorate prematurely.

Solar Star Attic Fans – Your Simple, Easy Solution

Properly venting your attic can prevent the problems associated with heat and moisture buildup. Your attic may have vents built into the walls, but without a running fan, the air is stagnant and ventilation is minimal at best. Traditional attic vent fans are noisy, require wiring and constantly use electricity to do their job.

Solar Star Attic fans are designed to pull the warm, moist air out of your attic space, preventing damaging heat and moisture buildup and lowering your energy bills. Best of all, Solar Star Attic fans use no electricity, install quickly and are completely maintenance free!

Save Big!

In addition to lowering your cooling bills and protecting your roof, Solar Star Attic Fans qualify for the 30% Federal Energy Tax Credit. Solar Star’s industry leading 5 year unlimited warranty means you can expect years of maintenance free service. And because Solar Star fans don’t use electricity, you save on install costs compared to traditional fans- no wiring required!

DIY is easy and straightforward, OR let ODI’s pro contractors handle installation for you. Contact us to learn more about how a Solar Star Attic Fan can protect your home and family!