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 The Richmond area’s most prestigious architects and builders choose ODI for their Solar Panel Installation needs over and over.

That’s because they know that our experience and superior knowledge of Solar Power Systems means their clients will be completely satisfied.

Our award winning solar installation staff is committed to informing consumers about what they can realistically expect when they invest in solar panels for their home or business.  There’s a big difference between different types of systems; and solar panels, inverters, batteries, and other components vary widely in performance by brand and installation configuration.

Solar systems can produce electricity or heat water. Systems can feed the power grid, for a reduced electricity bill; or charge a battery bank, for energy independence. Ground mounted solar arrays can be installed where roofs are impractical. 

Solar panels installed by ODI
Solar Energy Systems

Because ODI believes that establishing a sustainable energy infrastructure starts with an informed consumer, we’re committed to educating every potential solar energy system owner, whether you buy from us or not. When you call, we will engage in a dialogue about the pros and cons of Solar for  your specific needs and goals. We will answer your questions honestly- without a high pressure sales pitch.

We are proud to have constructed the most energy efficient home in Virginia in 2017- we are truly sustainability and efficiency experts!

 Whatever your goals, we can design and install the grid-tied or off grid solar energy or solar thermal system that will meet them best, within your budget.

Let us show you why we are the Solar Contractor the Pros choose. Contact us today for a free solar estimate!