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ODI completes Solar Installation for Dominion Solar Purchase Program



Old Dominion Innovations recently installed an 80 panel, 20kW roof mounted Solar installation in Amelia County. The Bradford-Hix Funeral Home chose to install the panels in order to participate in Dominion Power’s Solar Purchase Program.  The grid-tied array is one of the first in the Commonwealth to be designed and installed specifically to produce power for the utility under the new program, which pays a premium rate of fifteen cents per kilowatt hour.

By taking advantage of these types of incentive programs, as well as available tax credits, consumers can dramatically cut the time before ROI is reached on their Solar installations.

Since good-quality Solar panels should produce power for 30, 40, 50 years and beyond, an investment in Solar energy can pay for itself many, many times over. For businesses, a Solar system is also a great PR tool, as well as a valuable tax write off. Prices have dropped dramatically in the past ten years, while energy costs continue to rise.

If you have been considering an investment in Solar Power for your home or business,  ODI wants to help you sort out the financial and technical aspects of your project. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by fancy ads and slick sales presentations. Did you know that not every local Solar company has solar or electrical training? It’s true! In fact, we are regularly called out to repair Solar systems that have been installed by less knowledgeable “big name” local companies. ODI has made it our mission to provide a free, comprehensive overview of Solar to every potential Solar customer, whether you buy from us or not. We will evaluate your site and consumption needs and give you a frank, honest explanation of the technology that is best suited to your particular needs and location.